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00 - introduction
01 - what you have to do
02 - what causes obesity
03 - finding out
04 - practical low carbohydrates
05 - an end to 'diets'
06 - the truth about saturated fat
07 - glycemic index
08 - exercise
09 - lifestyle
10 - effects of obesity
11 - male and female
12 - psychological problems
13 - the end of the beginning
14 - type two diabetes
15 - heart attacks, stroke and dementia
16 - live long and prosper
17 - history
18 - politics and disinformation
19 - food lists
20 - recipes
21 - Nutrients
22 - Conclusion
A - My Story
B - Other Theories of Obesity
C - Further Reading
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i n t r o d u c t i on
Everyone knows that being overweight is dangerous, but it wasn't until I found myself flat on my back in an ambulance with severe chest pains that I realised that either the weight went or I did.

As Samuel Johnson once noted "Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."

I searched urgently for a cure for my obesity - and much to my surprise I found one...

I had been overweight and on the diet/weight gain see-saw for 20 years, getting heavier and more desperate on each upswing. Then the weight went and is not likely to come back. The method for losing weight which I found is simple, effective, fast and permanent. Sounds too good to be true? Read on...

This book is not intended to bring hope to the obese - hope is not required. What is required is courage. The courage to ignore your doctors, most scientists, processed food companies and loud-mouthed politicians.

I had been faffing around with writing it all up since the days of my original 'Big Dinners' diet. But that Big Dinners didn't work and it was five years later, about the time of the 'nuts' episode, when I seriously got the bit between my teeth and started trying to edit the mess I had produced and fill in some of the gaps. Writing is a great help when you're trying to understand a process. It helps to pull all the threads together into a coherent whole. It was actually while writing chapter one that I came up with a very simple suggestion which explains both weight gain and with a small extension, serious obesity. It fits all the observed facts very well. It also fits my own experiences and the descriptions of many other fat people. Finally I had an explanation for obesity. And following close on its heels, a cure. The cure couldn't be simpler and it comes in three words:


It works. I lost eight stones (112 lbs) in 12 months without any problems at all. That's a third of my original bodyweight. 'No problems at all' means just that - I didn't get hungry, I felt good very soon after the start and then even better as my weight reduced. There were no cravings, nausea or dehydration and so far, nothing important has dropped off. What's more the food I eat now I like much better than the food I ate while I got fat, so I have no inclination to put the weight back on - the major problem of obese people who have managed to lose a lot of weight. I do eat a very small amount of carbohydrates every day but they are from the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) fresh vegetables I can find. I treat grains, root vegetables, and sugars like poisons, because if you're obese, that's what they are.

Most of the facts in this book have been published before in different places, but this is the first time it has all been assembled in one place and written from the point of view of someone who's actually been obese for a long time. The mechanism I describe which causes serious obesity is, I think, new and the insights for dealing with it are unlikely to come from a doctor or scientist. I like to call it a 'Low Hunger Diet' or perhaps an 'Enjoy Your Food Diet'. But whatever else, its not a short term fix - it needs to be a permanent change of eating habits.

Anyway, the best of luck with your weight reduction, though if you follow my suggestions, luck is the one thing you won't need.

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Root vegetables, grains, cereal, sugars, pasta, pastry, bread, alchohol, soft drinks, et al.
An ancient measurement of weight. 14 pounds or about 6.4 kilograms. Still much used in the UK as a measurement of bodyweight.