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c o n t a c t    m e

If you want to send money, messages et. al. look below for do's and don'ts...


This is the only non-whitelisted address I have.

Please note:
    o    Make sure you have some text in the subject line.
    o    If your email address or the subject has the word "free" in it you're likely
              to get zapped by my anti-spam filters.
    o    Likewise; "save", "life", "drug", and "sex".

    Gerry Parnham
    Studio 15B
    19 Westgate
        CM20 1JR
    United Kingdom

Please don't use the messaging on Facebook to contact me. I got too much crap through it, so I whitelisted it.

    (44) 7983 693923

Its a mobile so its expensive to call. Best bet is to message me...

Please note:
    All calls recorded.